Nature Girl: Great Book for Nature Loving Girls

Nature Girl:  A Guide to Caring for God's Creation by Karen Whiting and Rebecca White is a great resource for girls who are interested in knowing how to take care of various aspects of God's creation.  The beginning of the book states that "Going green is about making God's earth a healthy place to live" (9).  I like the authors' practical advice that "It's really just about making smart choices" (9).  The book then goes on to explore what these smart choices are and how to implement them into daily life.  

One thing that stood out to me when I was reading was that this book was not just about the environment or saving the animals; it presented a broad perspective on going green.  Obviously, the standard issues of clean water, recycling, conserving electricity; etc. were mentioned.  However, natural beauty and eating healthy were also discussed.  Overall, this book was chock full of ideas and trivia facts.  (Some examples of the great trivia facts include a list of how long it takes different items to decompose and also "Weird but True Animal Facts.") There really was so much information that I would say this is not a book to just read once, but this is a resource to go back to again and again. The reader can definitely glean new ideas from the book each time she reads it.  The format of this book was well done, also.  The book started off with an alphabetical list of how to go green.  The related chapter was mentioned for each idea listed in the alphabetical listing.  The reader who is interested in one of those ideas would be able to just skip ahead to the relevant section.  Each chapter covered a different aspect of going green:  natural beauty, food, caring for the earth, caring for animals, water conservation, keeping the air clean, conserving electricity, recycling, tips for holding a party at a park, and how to have an overall "green" attitude.  Some highlights for me were reading about inner beauty (which was supported through scripture...score!), natural beauty product recipes vs. toxic products, which vitamins our body needs/what they do/which foods contain them, and natural ways to keep pests away from one's garden.  Fun and practical hands-on projects (or recipes) are mentioned in each chapter.  Some examples include how to make a solar oven, how to repurpose CDs, or how to test the ph of soil. Some chapters contain a "Real Girl" section which has a real life story from...well...a real girl. Each chapter is followed by a quiz, which actually contains new information for the reader--thus providing a fun way to learn even more about the presented topic.  Also, each chapter ends with a list of related "eco-careers," which is great for young girls exploring possible career ideas/options for the future. Additionally, a list of related books and websites can be found at the back of the book.

There were many admirable traits in this book, and it was well written overall.  While I liked that scripture and scriptural principles were sprinkled throughout the book, I personally would have liked to have seen even more of these integrated throughout the text.  Also, for the quiz at the end of  the food chapter, there is a reference to how mushrooms are good for protection against breast cancer. However, the quiz's possible answers list it as "Mushrooms...are good for your boobs."  Really?  The author couldn't have stated that any other way? That just seemed sort of out of character.

Overall, I thought this was a great book.  I would give it a 4 out of 5 and definitely recommend it to girls who have a heart for the environment or who want to know more about how to be a good steward of the earth God has created.  So often, going "green" is not necessarily associated with being Christian, so I love that this book helps young girls to see the correlation.



Book Description

Being a “green girl” for God means more than just caring for our planet. It also means appreciating God’s creations and understanding our responsibility in caring for the earth.

Each chapter covers different topics like water, air, energy, recycling, and renewing the earth, and includes crafts, Scripture verses, games, quizzes, interviews with real people and quotes from real girls. The book also contains science-based activities, career ideas, plus resources for more information.

Part of the bestselling Faithgirlz brand, Nature Girl: A Guide to Going Green is a fun read for any girl who enjoys science or the outdoors and a great resource for parents, homeschoolers, and educators.


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