Wednesday's Wonderful Website

Scholastic has a webpage called "Daily Starters" that has different problems and fun factual information for teachers to use with their students.  For classroom teachers, there is a "class view" version for projecting onto a white board.  For homeschool moms, the daily starters can be printed out, or you can have your children simply check their answers right on the webpage.

Black Friday and Cyber Monday Equal Homeschool Curriculum Savings

I personally really appreciate all the sales that occur this time of year.  Over the past few years, I've discovered that this is, amazingly, a great time to stock up on curriculum I know I'm going to use with my kids.

Here are some examples of some of the sales currently happening:

New Apologia Press Writing Curriculum FREE DOWNLOAD

New writing curriculum is always a cause to celebrate.  Recently, well-known homeschool author and speaker, Debra Bell, has written the first book in a homeschool writing curriculum series entitled Writers in Residence.

Statistics on Homeschooling

Here's a great article with lots and lots of statistics that are all about American homeschoolers.  Check it out over here!

Book Review: Homeschool Mom's Bible

I recently received a copy of the NIV Homeschool Mom's Bible in exchange for a review.  The devotional readings in and of themselves were very encouraging.

Wednesday's Wonderful Website: Free Calendar Binder Printables

Little Sparkle is excited to be doing first grade work this coming school year.  The curriculum we're using does a lot of hands-on activities for math.  One topic covered is the calendar. That's why I was thrilled when I saw a friend pin a link to some free calendar printables. Interestingly, I had originally intended to just buy a "teaching calendar" which would allow Little Sparkle to change the days, dates, months, weather; etc. on a pocket chart we'd hang on the wall.  When I showed her the website with the free calendar printables, she said she wanted to do those!

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