Wednesday's Wonderful Website

Scholastic has a webpage called "Daily Starters" that has different problems and fun factual information for teachers to use with their students.  For classroom teachers, there is a "class view" version for projecting onto a white board.  For homeschool moms, the daily starters can be printed out, or you can have your children simply check their answers right on the webpage.

Wednesday's Wonderful Website: Kids in the Word

A few weeks ago, I participated in an online homeschool curriculum e-book sale.  As a result, I received a lot of really good online offers.  As a result of some of those offers, I found myself on some e-mail lists (of course).  One of the e-mail lists eventually pointed me to Kids in the Word. WHAT A GREAT WEBSITE!!! Per the "about" section on this blog, "Kids in the Word exists to inspire, encourage, and equip parents to instill a love for God and the Bible in their kids.

Wednesday's Wonderful Website: Free Spring Writing Prompts

Looking for some writing ideas?  Frugal Homeschool Family has some great free printables with spring writing prompts. Go over here to find them!


Wednesday's Wonderful Website: New Year's Eve Printable Activity Sheets for Kids

This week is New Year's Eve.  We're planning on watching a movie together as a family this Tuesday (with lots of snacky items to boot!).  Then, on Wednesday, we thought we'd kick off a family game night time.  Although I had been trying to do a family game night every single Friday night, it hadn't worked out that way.  I'm currently working on my goals for the New Year, and I thought I'd commit to TWO game nights a month.  I feel like that's a more obtainable goal for my family at this time.

Wednesday's Wonderful Website: Doodle Faces

Looking for something quick and easy to keep your kids occupied for a few minutes?  This fantastic printout over here features a page of blank faces.  Your kiddos get to draw in the details.  (Honestly, after seeing how much fun my two kids had doing this, I'm tempted to print one out for myself...)  Check it out over here on Dabbles & Babbles!


Wednesday's Wonderful Website: Free Online Piano Lessons for Kids

I recently ran across the website, and the more I look at it, the more impressed I am.  The creator of the website, who is also the online instructor, Joseph Hoffman M.M., does a fantastic job of introducing children to basic music principles. 

Wednesday's Wonderful Website: Free Calendar Binder Printables

Little Sparkle is excited to be doing first grade work this coming school year.  The curriculum we're using does a lot of hands-on activities for math.  One topic covered is the calendar. That's why I was thrilled when I saw a friend pin a link to some free calendar printables. Interestingly, I had originally intended to just buy a "teaching calendar" which would allow Little Sparkle to change the days, dates, months, weather; etc. on a pocket chart we'd hang on the wall.  When I showed her the website with the free calendar printables, she said she wanted to do those!

Wednesday's Wonderful Website: Molly and Buttercup

Looking for a safe way for your child to correspond with a pen pal?  According to my latest issue of Practical Homeschooling, offers a one year e-mail pen pal program for only $15.  Your child would receive two e-mails per month:  one from Molly and one from Buttercup.  Your child can also e-mail each character back.  If you prefer snail mail, there is a $25 per year postcard subscription available.  Sounds like a great way to encourage writing!

Wednesday's Wonderful Website: Barnes and Noble's Online Storytime

Sometimes Little Sparkle wants me to read so many stories to her that I wouldn't have time to do anything else!  (While I would LOVE to have that luxury, I don't! I would also probably go hoarse!)  So, I really appreciate websites that READ to my daughter for me.  That's why I enjoy the Barnes and Noble online storytime.  Check it out over here!


Wednesday's Wonderful Website:

If, like me, you have a child who loves making paper airplanes, here's a site you will definitely want to check out:


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