Reforming Social Media

When I first heard that Mandy, one of my Facebook friends and a friend of several of my friends, was going to write a book called Reforming Social Media, I was thrilled!  When I had the opportunity to be part of her launch team, I was even more thrilled. When I actually sat down and read her book...I just sighed. This, my readers, is a breath of fresh air...something we all need to read, to think about, to reflect upon.

Facebook and Relationships

Time and time again some of my closest friends and I talk about if we really think we could/should/would ever close our Facebook accounts.  We talk about whether Facebook makes life easier and more enjoyable OR if it simply complicates things.  Heidi St. John has a great blog post on this very topic. Check it out over here!

Those "Just Like Ol' Jeans" Kind of Friends

Several years ago (hmmm....must be a good two decades by now...YIKES), I had gone with two friends from college to drop the one friend off in an urban ministry training school in NYC.  While climbing stairs up to my friend's room-to-be, I met someone who was going to be on my friend's team AND on my team, which didn't start for another month.  We talked for quite a while and seemed to hit it off.  We actually wrote some letters back and forth--encouraging one another in the Lord.

"Socializing" Homeschooled Kids

I am on several Facebook groups that are specifically for homeschool moms.  Again and again, people wanting to homeschool face the challenge of the "What about socialization?" question.  Again and again, I write down my comments on these Facebook group pages that sound something like the following:

FACEing the Truth: What Effect is Facebook Having on Relationships?

The following post is from a blog I had a few years back.  However, I thought this post was worth republishing:

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