Organic Really does Make a Difference

In the past, I have heard several people say organic food has no additional benefits when compared to its conventional counterparts.  I am happy to say that research proves otherwise. Check out this wonderfully informative article:  


Stevia: Is it Okay?

Sugar alternatives are something that I personally find myself checking out at various times, and stevia is one that we've used rather frequently.  After reading the following article, I am thinking that I am not going to be using it in the future-unless I grow my own.

Check out this article for more information!


How the Rest of the World Eats

Oh WOW...check out this website page that has pictures of what families in different countries eat in a week--very interesting and eye-opening.  I will definitely be sharing this with my children.

Natural Allergy Relief?

Today was one of those crazy "running around everywhere" kind of days.  No, let me take that back:  the last SEVEN days have been one of those crazy "running around everywhere" kind of WEEKS.  My first clue that we had too much going on was when I showed up for an appointment on the wrong day.  I don't do that kind of stuff, as I'm EXTREMELY type A. So, when I start doing things like that, I definitely have too much going on...At least no one had to know about my embarrassing situation, as the office was CLOSED.  (Oh wait, I'm blogging about this, so...guess the word is out.)  

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